Take Action Now: World Heritage Emergency

My passions have been caught up in this action, hard to believe that this incredible rainforest would be open to loggers. I saw and heard Miranda speak at a rally in the Florentine recently. Her words amazed me … imagine a world without industrial logging … can we?

T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

log off image

It’s hard to believe but the Australian government intends to open up Tasmania’s World Heritage forests to logging destruction. They have officially requested revocation of 74,000 hectares of World Heritage listed forests. Although the loggers previously claimed to support protection of these outstanding forests they are now eerily silent, waiting for the spoils.

We need your help now to keep these forests safe. The industry must be told of the overwhelming revulsion of people everywhere if the chainsaws return, making their products unsaleable.


Sign the online action to send a message to the whole chain of destruction from the loggers, through to the processors and the retailers – there is no market for World Heritage destruction.

log off image 2

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