How We Each Get Over It

I let the dog lick my eyes and mouth

You get a cat

I email old friends

You consult astrologers

I drink wine

You return to eating dairy

I throw away your recipes

You make sourdough

I cry

You text

I work in the cave where we met

You build a shack which was for me

I don’t answer the phone or wash my hair

You buy a hat

I stay silent

You tell me that you’ve learned a lot

I masturbate to an absent orgasm

You surround yourself with men

I feel so alone

You wave and wave

I sleep and dream of the forest

You disappear

I dream of the forest


2 thoughts on “How We Each Get Over It

    • Shane, I think you’re the only one who reads this blog … thanks! That poem was written awhile ago, feelings have shifted, but the raw pain (and deep pleasure) of human relationships is a constant.

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