This blog has come full circle and it’s time to say goodbye. Enjoy the archives if you are inclined and thank you to readers for the gifts of time and presence. May wisdom and wildness be yours. Advertisements


The waves move too fast For me to outrun them, Laughing with adrenaline My cotton pants are soaked and cold, Even on this sunny day. I’m always balancing On the edge of disaster, Drifting with the ebb and flow of kelp as it decays. Seaweed that has met disaster already. No longer planted in The forest […]

Washed Fragments

By now, summer holidays for most Australians have come to a close.  It is time to go back to our lives and livelihood, schools and study.  Many of us have spent weeks and days near the sea as we celebrated Christmas and the turn of the year.  I live by the sea at a wonderful […]

Daily Art

olive green on pink softly twinkling in my eye canvas is the sky drown the sculptured edge high tide is in a hurry sand, sea dissolve me daily art begins stirring my heart from the deep traced with light anew